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Tiwari made this appeal during an interaction with traders of Khan Market on Friday evening while talking about the benefits of GST. Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari In wake of the ongoing tension between India and China at the border, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari has urged the traders to boycott the sale of Chinese goods. Mr Tiwari made this appeal oil Seal Suppliers during an interaction with traders of Khan Market on Friday evening while talking about the benefits of GST.

Reacting to Mr Tiwari’s appeal, Khan Market Traders’ Association president Sanjiv Mehra told this newspaper that he will write to the association members to stop the sale of Chinese goods in one of the most prominent markets of the country.Adverting to China’s reference to the 1962 war, Mr Tiwari told the traders at a famous cafe that China is talking like a “goonda”, but must not underestimate India and its might.“The Chinese are disturbed with the growing strategic and economic power of India and is talking nonsense in desperation. It is only due to its economic power, but if we stop using or selling Chinese products, China will mend its way,” said Mr Tiwari.

Last year, amid escalating tension with Pakistan after the Uri attack, activi-sts had run a campaign online and in social media asking people to boycott products from China, whi-ch is a friend of Pakistan, ahead of Diwali.Mentioning the loss sustained by traders, who imported the stock two-three months before the festival or season, Mr Tiwari advised them to start avoiding importing Chinese goods from now so that they do not suffer loss like last year.“Last year, circumstances developed in such a way that our traders incurred losses. To avoid such a situation, you must stop or avoid selling Chinese products from now onwards,” Mr Tiwari said. After the meeting, traders echoed Mr Tiwari’s appeal and said that they will act accordingly.Mr Mehra said, “On Mr Tiwari’s appeal, a letter will be sent to all the members of Khan Market Traders Association, asking them to avoid selling Chinese products for national interest.” Another trader, however, suggested that instead of asking traders to stop selling Chinese goods, awareness should be created among the public.

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